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Mr Piggie is your one and only place to get free ebooks to download straight to your iPad, laptops, computers or any other electronic devices. It is a one stop hub for the best classic literatures you can get with your all time favorite authors from the 19th and 20th century.


With the fast paced turnabout of technology during the recent years, electronic books or popularly known as Ebooks, paved the way for bringing textbooks easily into your own convenience by allowing it to be stored right into your own electronic device. With this innovation, students can instantly cope up without having to bring around hard copy books and enlighten book readers as well to be able to read their favorite novels quickly at their own pace. You can whip out your iPad or electronic gadget and start reading anytime, anywhere.

Classic Literatures

We all must have encountered a single piece of classic literature in storybooks, poems, novels, movies and other places not limited in the library but also in school where the classics as they call it are single handedly broken down into points and meaning. Their stories are here to stay even as it had surpassed every generation, one decade to another.

Mr Piggie’s Free Classic Literature Ebooks

Here at Mr Piggie, you can easily download your own free classic ebooks from your favorite novelist   and use it for school references and reading pleasures. You can have access to over 20 of Charles Dicken’s famous stories and more with various formats that it can support like pdf and epub to be downloaded straight to your iPad and other ebook readers such as Kindle. Simply click on the download button of the novel of your choice and run it to your electronic device. Very easy in just a click of your fingertips and best part is, everything’s for free.

Other Free Ebook Downloads

There are other sites in which you can download more free ebooks for your readings.

Project Gutenberg: is a free ebook website where you can find different novels and stories from various authors throughout the decades.

Planet PDF: houses free classical ebook novels from other famed writers as well.