Free eBooks for Kindle

You just got your hands on a [Kindle or iPad] and you are ready to get to some reading and see how to get downloads to your new digital device?

Kindle is the pioneer in eBook technology

Kindle is also the market leader in eBook technology. Users can shop, download, browse and read ebooks, newspapers, magazines, blogs and most digital media via wireless connectivity. It no surprise that Kindle is developed by Amazon. In 2010 purchases of Digital books overtook those of regular books at Amazon. According to Wickipedia if you are after choice of content for purchase, the Kindle store has over twice the content of it’s nearest competitor, Barnes and Noble.

Kindle Apps for other Digital Devices

If you do not have a Kindle but want the Kindle experience and functionality and have access to a library of .MOBI files too then you will pleased to know that Kindle Apps are available free for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Andoid, webOS and the Windows Phone.

eBook File Formats for Kindle

It is important to know that there are quite a lot of file formats for ebooks and it is handy to know what your device can handle or accepts as a usable free ebook download. If you have a Kindle then the native file format for you is .MOBI . If you only have a PDF of your book then your Kindle will read this and some versions will convert a PDF to .MOBI for you. There are also proprietory file format called AZW and KF8 for Kindle and are like .MOBI and also designed to support rich formatting and DRM restrictions.

File converting for your Kindle

If you have other non Kindle file formats for ebooks then you could try some free online or desktop conversion tools to do this like:-
Online Convert.
EPUB to Kindle Converter .

Free eBook sites and resources

Ready to start up your Kindle and a good start is to head over to Google Books. Type in a free ebooks into the search bar and you should get 100 to chose from right away. Along the way Google will ask you to register your details and setup Google Wallet so get ready to hand over your credit card details. Why not grab Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, a true literary classic ebook.

For Free Ebooks, the mightiest resource is The Gutenberg Project, where there are up to 35,000 ebooks. Most of the resources available here are out of copyright and thus were published before 1935.